Decorative Concrete Stain

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1/2 Gallon of Stain

1/2 gallon's estimated coverage: 200 square feet. Please note the coverage rates do vary.

Purchase Options:

4-Ounce Sample:
$9.99 for each color.

½ Gallon Size:
$34.95 ($36.50 for Orange, Ruby, Plum, Teal, Ocean colors.)

1 Gallon Size:
$49.95 ($52.95 for Orange, Ruby, Plum, Teal, Ocean colors.)

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Product Information Including tech and safety data sheets.

uDoIt Coatings' Decorative Concrete Stains are industrial-quality, meaning they offer higher durability and quality than stains offered at big-box stores. Concrete stains are not totally opaque like a paint, but are slightly transparent. Stains can be applied in a uniform application by using one color. Or, stains can be applied as a mottled application, with light and dark colors throughout - creating an effect similar to an acid-stain application. uDoIt Coatings recommends a limit of three color choices for mottled applications. One lighter, prominent color and one or two darker, accent colors.

Please refer to uDoIt Coatings' written instructions and training videos .

Please also be aware of uDoIt Coatings' samples for Decorative Concrete Stains and Accent Paints that are available to our customers prior to the final purchase.

REMINDER: For a mottled application, pick one lighter prominent color and 1 or 2 darker accent colors. A guideline is to purchase 1/2 gallon of the darker accent color(s) for every 1 gallon of the lighter prominent color, but feel free to customize your project as you wish.

A color swatch of the decorative concrete stain colors available for a mottled or uniform application.