Stain System

Concrete Stain System - Etch. Stain. Seal.

Surface Preparation of Concrete Floors

Concrete floor surface preparation involves cleaning and etching the concrete. A pressure washer is used on exteriors and garages to initially rinse the area. uDoIt Coating’s Degreaser & Stain Treatment is used to clean grease or oil spots, or other stubborn stains. uDoIt Coatings’ Eco Prep & Clean is used to clean and etch the concrete. Eco Prep & Clean is a green product that is a safe alternative to acid etching and does not require the additional step of neutralizing.

Patching Concrete Floors

The uDoIt Coatings Patch Kit can be used to fill cracks and pits in the concrete prior to staining. However, some people skip this step because they feel that small cracks and pits in the concrete only add more character to the project.

Staining Concrete Floors

It is time to stain! uDoIt Coatings’ Decorative Concrete Stain can be applied to interiors, exteriors, and garages to produce a uniform color or a mottled effect. A mottled application has light and dark colors throughout the project and can simulate an acid stain look.

Sealing Stained Concrete Floors

To seal the stained concrete, two coats of the uDoIt Coatings’ Clear Acrylic Sealer can be applied. The Clear Acrylic Sealer produces a moderate gloss (sheen) and moderate durability. It is highly suggested that Grip be mixed into the second coat of sealer to increase slip resistance on your stained concrete floor.

Waxing Interior Concrete Floors

uDoIt Coatings’ Protective Wax is applied to provide a glossy sacrificial layer on top of the sealer, making it less likely to scratch and scuff over time. It is reapplied anywhere from 4 to 12 times per year for normal residential use. uDoIt Coatings' Maintain Clean is a neutral cleanser that can be used as often as needed for continued maintenance.