Clear Acrylic Sealer (Gallon)

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Coverage:  300 square feet per gallon.  Two coats are recommended for most projects.


Product Information Including tech and safety data sheets.

uDoIt Coatings' Clear Acrylic Sealer can be used to seal the stained concrete alone or as a primer coat for Clear Poly Glaze. uDoIt Coatings always recommends two coats of sealer with grip added to the final coat for increased slip resistance. Please refer to uDoIt Coatings' written instructions and training videos for detailed application instructions. Please note that this sealer is not suggested for vehicular traffic - use the Clear Poly Glaze instead.

Has a moderate gloss sheen (not a wet look) and moderate durability.

More information on the Clear Acrylic Sealer and the Clear Poly Glaze.